hope you like! story- misaki and ami were talking. Ami was going to go after their enemy. After lady tsunade told them not to. The enemy was connected to misa. Ami- I don't care that man need to be stop! Come on misa!" ..."i'm sorry..i" said misa. Ami-"What!?" . "ami, I" said misa. Ami-" misa i didn't know you were a person that would give up." AMI!...i can't. He deafeated. ...me ..last...i...i do... I'M SCARED..he will kill..me!!!" misaki said tearing up. Ami- I won't let that happen!!" yelled ami furious." misaki! don't give up!". "ami-chan..." Misaki said looking down. Then whipping her tears and looking up serious. "your'e right! I'm not the type to give up! I'll do it! let's go ami-chan!" said misaki. Ami smiled . as they ran out lady tsunade's windows. Lady tsunade- girls. don't you dare! girls! get back here!"